Understanding your goals. Creating a plan.

Begin with a Plan

At the beginning of every relationship we provide a retirement plan for our clients. This service functions as the starting point for our ongoing portfolio management clients. Included in the service is a discussion of your most pressing financial concerns centered around retirement planning.

The focus is on understanding your goals for retirement and coming up with a comfortable spending plan and connecting your investment portfolio to your needs. Planning projections, net worth statement and asset allocation comparisons will be provided with a summary of recommendations. The planning work is never really completed and something that is ongoing throughout retirement. Going forward planning is integrated heavily with the portfolio management that is done on an ongoing basis.

>> Planning Fees are $350 per hour.

Invest For The Long Term

Designing and delivering your investment strategy is one of the most important parts of creating a strong financial picture.  Portfolios are created only after a thorough understanding of your financial situation is obtained. We don’t earn compensation from the strategies we recommend, and we don’t offer proprietary products. When building investment portfolios, our primary goal isn’t to simply produce the largest possible return, but rather to create a portfolio that gives you the highest likelihood of achieving your goals — balancing risk as well as return. We will periodically discuss your progress towards your goals to determine if you are on track.  Review meetings are done in person or virtually whichever you prefer.

>> Investment Management Fees start at 1% per year.